Spreading Hoppiness Podcast Episode 25 OUT NOW

Spreading Hoppiness Ep25: Brewing Green: Expert Tips for a Sustainable Future


Best of both! In this episode, we’re joined by Ant Stevens co-owner of Ledbury Real Ales WHO IS ALSO, Head of Innovation – in his other job. 

Ant knows a massive amount about carbon issues because over the last two years, he’s been building a carbon credit marketplace that is allowing people who are capturing carbon dioxide, or greenhouse gases, to then transact those with companies that want to buy them, to be able to offset their footprint. 

Discover practical tips and tricks that will make a meaningful impact on your brewery and check out a fascinating glimpse into the future of sustainable brewing.

But that is not all, join Maddie as she chats with Joseph Holt’s brewer Phil Parkinson as they discuss hops, beer, and brewing in this week’s 5 Minutes with Faram.