Experience the Ultimate Brewery Resource Roadshow and Charles Faram HopWalk® 2023

The HopWalk Event: A Grand Success Under the Blazing Sun

With the mercury soaring to an impressive 29 degrees C, the recently concluded HopWalk event in the UK proved to be a resounding success. Over the span of two days, attendees were treated to a range of informative sessions, engaging discussions, and delightful experiences, making it an unforgettable event for all.

Day One: Seminars, Discussions, and Insights

The first day of the event witnessed a series of enlightening seminars conducted by our esteemed partner suppliers. These sessions covered a wide range of topics related to the brewing industry, including malt and yeast uses, brewing trends, and branding. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights that could shape their future endeavors.

Furthermore, a captivating panel discussion led by the renowned beer expert and TV personality, Mark Dredge, took centre stage. The panellists delved into various aspects of hops in lager, consumer preferences and techniques. The interactive nature of the discussion allowed attendees to actively participate and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Expert Lager Brewing Panel Discussion

Our Brewery Resource Roadshow day included an exclusive panel discussion featuring some of the most renowned brewing experts in the industry. We discussed the art and science behind lager brewing as our panelists shared their experiences, insights, and techniques.

Day Two: Trade Stands, Flavour Talks, and Hop Farm Tours

The second day of the event was equally captivating, offering attendees a diverse range of activities and experiences. Trade stands showcasing the latest brewing products and services were set up, providing a platform for networking and exploring new business opportunities. Brewers, suppliers, and enthusiasts alike had the chance to connect and exchange ideas in a vibrant environment.

Describing beer flavor talks, conducted again by Mark Dredge, were a major highlight of the day. Attendees were taken on a sensory journey, exploring the intricacies of flavor profiles. These talks not only enhanced participants’ knowledge but also ignited their passion for brewing even further.

One of the most exciting aspects of the event was the hop farm tours. Attendees were given the opportunity to walk around Stocks Farm, witnessing first-hand the meticulous harvesting processes involved in producing high-quality hops. This immersive experience allowed participants to appreciate the dedication and hard work of the growers and their teams, and take pictures of the mechanisms in action.

Additionally, an international crop report was presented by growers from around the world, shedding light on the global hop production scenario. Attendees gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by hop farmers worldwide, as well as the emerging trends and opportunities in the industry. This comprehensive report served as a valuable resource for those involved in the hop business.

International Hop Panel Report on the Northern Hemisphere 2023 Hop Harvest

Discover the most comprehensive report on the hop harvest in the Northern Hemisphere in the year 2023. Our panel of industry experts, led by Paul Corbett, MD, provide valuable insights to provide you with an in-depth understanding of hop production, trends, and market conditions for 2023.

Hop Report for the 2023 Harvest in Poland

Get Exclusive Insights into Poland’s Hop Report for 2023 by Dariusz Koziel

The HopWalk event was an outstanding success, bringing together hop enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders under one roof. The combination of informative sessions, interactive discussions, and engaging experiences made it a truly memorable event for all attendees.

With the ever-growing popularity of craft beer and the continuous evolution of the hop industry, events like HopWalk play a crucial role in fostering knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and innovation. The success of this event further emphasizes the importance of such gatherings in shaping the future of the brewing and hop communities.