Delivery distruption

Delivery disruption

Delivery disruption

Please be aware of unavoidable disruption to our delivery service. For pallet deliveries please click here for the plan of distribution days from our pallet delivery service. For minimal disruption to your supply, please allow plenty of time for pallet orders to leave Charles Faram and hit the zones accordingly.


We are still able to send next day deliveries by courier. Our usual disclaimer applies. Next day delivery is not guaranteed and will depend on our picking schedule and payments being made before 11:30am on the day of dispatch.


Thank you for your understanding.  




  • Customers refusing to sign Paperwork / Mobile Device

Where you’ve chosen to accept a delivery but to not sign for it, in this scenario the driver will take the name of the person receiving the delivery and sign on their behalf. Where possible they will also take a photo of the delivered items on site.


  • Sites insisting drivers are wearing masks/gloves etc

We have had requests that all drivers visiting a site wear a mask and disposable gloves. Unfortunately, with the current shortages of masks etc we simply cannot do this.


  • Drivers not being allowed to use the toilet

We have had sites refusing to allow drivers to use their toilet. We are asking our drivers to make sure they use public toilets where possible, but if a driver arrives at an address and wants to use the toilet it is because they need to go. There is no perfect answer on this one but please consider our drivers are human beings with needs. They have little reasonable alternative in this situation.


  • General changes of procedure to addresses

If you have changes to your delivery procedures please communicate these with drivers appropriately as they arrive.