HopWalk 2020 highlights and sessions

HopWalk highlights 2020

HopWalk session 1 - Charles Faram, the latest hop news and innovations

HopWalk session 2 - Weyermann® speciality malts 2020 and their influence on craft beer recipes

HopWalk session 3 - Fermentis, Low alcohol beer with SafBrew™ LA-01

HopWalk session 4 - Lemon Top Creative, YOU BREW IT WE'LL BRAND IT. A complete guide to creating and maintaining a brilliant brewery brand

HopWalk session 5 - TNS, Hop extracts offer an efficient hopping method in a post COVID brewing world

HopWalk session 6 - Rankin, Optimal shive and keystone selection

HopWalk session 7 - Crisp, Brewing with new season malt

HopWalk session 8 - Murphy's, Hop creep: The perfect storm

HopWalk session 9 - International hop farm tours. Slovenia, UK and Poland.

HopWalk session 10 - The international hop panel Q&A

HopWalk session 11 - Jeremy Swainson talks about British hops, innovation and lager brewing