First AromaFest of Northern crop 2019

New hop variety aroma assessments

The first AromaFest of 2019 crop took place today, assessing potential new varieties from our Hop Development Programme. The first of 5 sessions before Christmas, already some really interesting & exciting aromas. The next stop for those that stand out? Pilot brewing trials! 

Faram’s own Robbie Harrigan, Mark Lovegrove and Hop Development programme leader, Peter Glendenning all took part in the first new variety aroma assessment of the year  today.

They assessed around 30 completely new, and individual samples to see which varieties will go through to brewing trials this year.  They chose 5 as yet unnamed varieties from those 30, based on their aroma.  

Who is brewing with these hops?

Nobody at the moment.  They will be trialled on our pilot plant and if they are successful there is the potential to upscale.

More about the process and the programme

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