EU Based Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of your most asked questions regarding shipments into Europe following the end of the transition period. We will be looking to update this page as more information becomes available to us. However, if you do have any questions that are not covered here, do not hesitate to contact any member of the international team who will be more than happy to help.

Are there any restrictions on products that can now be ordered?

Having worked closely with our logistic contacts we are now seeing the majority of the goods moving with minimal disruption. There may be delays with other goods, but please contact us if you have any concerns before placing an order.

How long will it take to receive my order?

At the moment it is difficult for us to provide our customers with an exact delivery date for each order. There are delays on the borders going into Europe, and consignment information is not currently being updated by the couriers until they have cleared customs. There are a number of new documents that are required depending on what products we are shipping. The process for getting this documentation has improved and we are seeing a faster turn around at getting the certificates returned to us.

What new documents are being included with my order?

We will be applying for Certificates of Attestation for each variety of hop on each order. Orders containing Organic products will also need a Certificate of Inspection. The authorities handling the attestations are now getting these sent out to us in a reasonable time, however as this is a new process, we are still expecting some delays. These documents are currently provided as a free issue and will not be charged on your invoice. Phytosanitary certificates should not be required on these orders but may vary by country. We can supply a signed document that confirms this if it is required.

Are there any additional custom fees or duties that need to be paid?

There are no additional fees or duties on the English varieties. Unfortunately, at the moment there is a 5.8% tariff on the European, USA and New Zealand varieties. We are currently looking at reducing the price on the invoice, where possible for these varieties. This should ensure that you are not paying more overall for your order. Additional import costs and charges will need to be covered by our customers as these vary depending on the destination country and are unfortunately outside of our control. It is advised that our customers request an itemised breakdown of any import invoices, this way we can advise if any goods have had duty incorrectly applied.

What VAT will I need to pay?

VAT will not be charged on our invoice but will need to be paid by our customers at the point of the goods arriving at the border. This should still continue to be claimed back in the usual way for your country.

What do I need to do get my Organic goods cleared at the borders?

Organic hops need to have a clear traceability from Farm to the finished product made by our customers. To satisfy the strict criteria that needs to be met to be able to supply Organic hops to our customers, we are now required to apply for a Certificate of Inspection for each Organic order. This has to be completed through the Traces NT website. To issue this, our customer needs to be registered as an importer of Organic goods on the Traces website ( Without this certificate any goods arriving at the border, and being released by someone who is not a registered Organic importer, may not meet the traceability requirements. This would likely cause issues for any future Organic audits that you may have. We are recommending that our customers make themselves aware of the new processes involved in importing goods from a third country. Please ask contact us if you would like further information on this.

Is my contract still valid and can I contract for next year?

All contracts remain valid. As per the information above we will be working closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that we can get your orders shipped out as quickly as possible. It would be worth getting any orders to us in plenty of time to allow for the additional paperwork requirements to be completed and to minimise the impact on your brewing operations. We would still advise looking at your contract requirements for the 2021 New Zealand Harvest and 2021 Northern Hemisphere harvests.

Will I pay more for delivery?

We have worked hard with our couriers to offer the best possible pricing for deliveries. We have managed to work out a new pricing structure dependant on the weight of the consignment that remains to be very competitive, please do not hesitate to contact us for this pricing.