Spreading Hoppiness Podcast Episode 20 OUT NOW

Spreading Hoppiness Ep20: Hops on the Horizon: An Expedition into Experimental Flavors LISTEN NOW Join us at BeerX for our interactive tasting session. Let’s dive into new flavors and some brand-new experimental hops. Our Charles Faram hop experts Paul Corbett and Will Rogers, alongside Buxton Brewery’s Production Director Rob Topham and Beer Writer Mark Dredge, […]

Spreading Hoppiness Podcast Episode 19 OUT NOW

Spreading Hoppiness Ep19: Hop Processing – The Secret is in the Pellet LISTEN NOW In this week’s episode, we’re exploring the fascinating world of hop pellet processing. From the fields to the facilities, join us as we uncover the journey these green cones take before they end up in your favourite brews. Also hearing from […]

Spreading Hoppiness Podcast Episode 18 OUT NOW

Spreading Hoppiness Ep18: Inside the Minds of Headbrewers – International Hop Awards LISTEN NOW From one hop to another, let’s explore the minds of head brewers as they talk hop varieties. This episode of ‘Spreading Hoppiness’ unpicks the thoughts of head brewers as they take us through each round of the International Hop Awards, and […]

Spreading Hoppiness Podcast Episode 17 OUT NOW

Spreading Hoppiness Ep17: On the Farm LISTEN NOW From the frosty fields of January to the bustling harvests of September, this episode of ‘Spreading Hoppiness’ unpacks the nuances of hop growing, offering valuable insights for brewers. Featuring award-winning beer writer Mark Dredge, Charles Faram’s Group Technical Director Will Rogers, and 5th generation hop farmer and […]