Little Atlantique – Five Minutes With Faram

A New Faram’s Friend – Feature from France Vibing with these responses? Oui Five Minutes with Faram continues as our Dan Pullen dives into a chat with Jonas Trummer, the Master Brewer behind the scenes at Little Atlantique Brewery in the charming Chantenay district of Nantes. At the heart of it all, Charles Faram’s hops […]

Hop Chronicles- Yakima Edition

Welcome to the heart of hop innovation! Embark on a enchanting voyage with us as we take you behind the scenes of the brewing world in this exclusive video with Charles Faram. Our mission goes beyond providing hops; it’s about building a community and fostering connections between brewers, farms, and the remarkable products that shape […]

Superdelic™ Unleashing Brewing Creativity

Disruption IS Brewing is the creative craft off-shoot of Ascot Brewery. This video goes through the decisions regarding the recipe of a beer that Disruption IS Brewing developed in collaboration with our Jon. This unique and aromatic hop promises to unlock a world of aroma and flavour possibilities. With Superdelic™ Hops, you have the opportunity to delve […]