Mogwai’s – Five Minutes With Faram

What’s your favourite hop?

Sorachi Ace is one of my favorite hops, because it is very atypical and very powerful. It’s a “love it or hate it” hop… I have chosen my camp ! 🙂

What’s your favourite beer?

Very hard question! I could say the “Kamaradski Balsmico ” from Verzet in Belgium. An atypical beer which I can describe like a mix between an Imperial Stout and Balsamic Vinegar. It sounds odd but it’s magic!

What’s your favourite beer destination?

USA! Some years ago we did a road trip in California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada with my girlfriend, and we were amazed by all these incredible breweries, taproom and bars with this high quality of beers! Next time we will go in Colorado and Montana to see/drink what’s going on there. 🙂

What’s your favourite pub in the world?

I will be chauvinist for this question and name some of great pubs we have in Strasbourg, like Le Garde Fou, Le Grincheux, Le Café des Sports, Starling or Roue Libre. 😉

What’s the one item in the brewery you couldn’t live without?

My laptop… 😛 Recipes conception, labels creations, stock & production management, communication on social medias, playing music, etc…, that’s my daily routine thanks to this sweet object!

What’s your favourite song/album/artist/music to play during a brew day?

Right now it’s “Dancer” from Idles, a nice band from your foggy country. 😉

If you weren’t in the brewing industry, what would you be doing?

I was a digital printer for 13 years so I still would be at this time (and it’s very useful to print cool stuffs for home!).

Who is your biggest inspiration in brewing?

When I get interested by the craft beer scene something like 10 years ago (maybe more?), some international breweries like Evil Twin, Mikkeler, To Ol or Brewdog were the first ones on the french market, and they just blowed my mind. In France (and close to Strasbourg), we had La Débauche, Sainte-Cru or Bendorf which had launched at the same time. These breweries made the difference to my palate comparate to what I used to drink, so they are part of my biggest inspirations. Recently some new entities popped here and there with new crazy beers, and we want to be a part of this effort of being innovative and to surprise people.

What got you into brewing?

I was a geek. I became a beergeek. Due to some circumstances I was bored in my life. A friend of mine started to be a homebrewer. I just said “Wow ! We can make beer at home?!” Some days after this revelation, I have bought my own system. And well… that escalated quickly… More and more readings to improve my knowledges, more and more equipments to improve quality, more and more brewing sessions to try new recipes, etc… Too late… I have caught the virus!

What’s your favourite beer festival?

The Strasbourg Craft Beer Festival is a great one! With my girlfriend we were 2 times at the London Craft Beer Festival. The spot is incredible with a lot of crazy breweries. We had very good moments there !


What’s the last beer you brewed?

We brew 2 differents beers at this moment of answering this question: a Triple NEIPA, and an American Stout with Beetroot and Voatsiperifery pepper (there is Mystic hop in this last one 😉 )

What’s next for the brewery or what can we look forward to from the brewery?

This year we will release or first beers aged in barrels (IRS in Amarone and Madere barrels). We can’t wait to taste it!

And of course we will continue to brew intriguing beers, to try new hops, and so on.

Mogwai's - Five Minutes With Faram

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