Five minutes with Faram’s – Rob Orton, St Austell Brewery

What’s your favourite hop?
My traditional answer would be El Dorado but it could soon become Harlequin®…our recent brew with this new English variety was spectacular!

 What’s your favourite beer?
Beer is about time, place, circumstance, people so it can fluctuate but at the moment it would have to be our Milkshake IPA, coming to rock the world soon…

Favourite Food & Beer pairing?
A pint of Proper Job and a Pasty!

Favourite beer destination?
Yakima (purely for enjoyment factor!) Brewers, Hop growers and hop merchants all enjoying an IPA together, beautiful!

Favourite pub in the UK?
The Pandora Inn, Mylor, Nr Falmouth. A stunning, thatched, riverside pub with its own pontoon!

 What’s the one item in the brewery you couldn’t live without?

Swiss Army Knife.

Favourite song/album/artist/music to play during a brew day?
It has to be Tenacious D,  Tribute, surely?!

If you weren’t in the brewing industry, what would you be doing?
Not a lot!

Biggest inspiration in brewing?
Roger Ryman, he is always ahead of the curve.

What got you into brewing?
Complete accident, I took a summer job on the dray, fell into brewing and, as they say, the rest is history…

Favourite beer festival?
Shameless plug but…The Celtic Beer Festival of course! Last Sat in November each year, underground cellars, live music, 190+ beers, all for charity.

Favourite interest/hobby outside of brewing?
Rugby, it used to be playing, now it’s watching from the bar, sorry, a far!

What’s the last beer you brewed?
Harlequin. 4.8% English IPA made with Maris Otter, Faram Fuggle and Harlequin hops.

Fuggles or Goldings?
Fuggles, the bittering hop in Tribute, simples!