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UK Customer Notice: Sales Team And Government Retention Scheme

Like many companies, we’ve chosen to make use of the UK Government’s Job Retention Scheme.

This is happening within our sales team as we know brewing has been significantly affected and, for those still brewing in some way, we’re not currently able to come and see you in person.

Same level of service and support

Clearly we still want to be able to support you, to answer your questions and help to navigate these uncertain times. Dropping our service level to you isn’t part of the plan!


UK orders should be placed as normal via [email protected] and on 01905 830734.

Sales managers

Where you’d normally contact Jon or Rafik to discuss other matters please instead contact Beth, sales manager north, at [email protected] and on 07498 908809.


Where you’d normally contact Robbie for technical questions please can you speak with Will, group technical director, at [email protected] and on 07739 323252.


Where you have account questions please get in touch with Tracey, accounts director, at [email protected] and via the office on 01905 830734.

Other queries

Where you’d normally contact Mark, or for any other enquiries at all, please contact Jamie, UK head of sales, at [email protected] and on 07713 494149.

We will be reviewing this regularly to make sure we’ve always got capacity to support you. Thank you for reading.

Order collections from Faram’s – extra precautions

When you come to the office you can sanitise your hands (a sanitiser dispenser is mounted on the wall).
Reception staff will ask your name and print this on the paperwork so you don’t have to handle it.
The office will call the warehouse and we will bring your order to your vehicle and leave it with you to load yourself or load it for you whilst observing the social distancing recommendations.
Paperwork will be attached to one of your products for your records.