charles faram hopwalk

The HopWalk is Charles Faram’s own event and an insightful day of hop industry presentations and updates from around the world.


  • A full explanation of hop growing and harvesting.
  • Current hop market reports from around the world.
  • An update on new varieties and experimental hops.
  • Charles Faram supplier partner trade stands.
  • Get fresh hops and hop bines directly from the farm.
  • Inspect the crop with an interactive tour of international hop yards and processing areas.

“A fine day out in the Worcestershire countryside, seeing the hop harvest brought in, hearing from growers how the season has been and generally networking with brewers and suppliers. A very important and informal date on the brewer’s calendar.”

“The HopWalk is a fantastic opportunity to get up-to-date info on the current hop harvest, hear great presentations from industry leaders and learn about the future of British hops. I highly recommend it to all brewers, both small and large.”

“There is no better way to understand the year’s coming hops and explore new flavours and aromas. Going to the farms and speaking with the growers is an invaluable resource for a brewery. As a brewery that is always looking for innovation and ways to highlight the most unique hops we would never miss the HopWalk.”