Crisp Malt Case Study

Crisp Malt Case Study:

A Hop Inside Charles Faram

Recently our friends at Crisp Malt got in touch to ask if they could interview our Managing Director Paul Corbett. We jumped at the chance for a good natter, so why not grab a cuppa (or a beer) and have a read of the article yourself.

Paul chats about the humble beginnings of the business, branching out into selling products other than hops, creating our hop development programme, the future of sustainability and the support that we can offer our customers interested in buying hops, malt and everything in between.

I didn’t want to do it, to be honest!

Paul gritted his teeth and set aside one bay in their warehouse. He ordered what he thought was enough malt to last a few months. It sold out in two weeks. He re-stocked and that malt sold in another two weeks.

We then thought, hmm, there must actually be something in this!

Photo of Paul Corbett, Charles Faram MD