Crashes, extreme heat and determination

TEAM GB UPDATE: We’re supporting our Faram’s Andy Holtham daughter Gemma Rose Holtham on her journey this year in the Women’s GB motocross team. She has had 2 very big crashes, but she’s extremely driven and is back to full health and confidence.

She’s gone on to battle through the extreme heat and longer days of lengthier practices and races on top of the usual 15 min qualifying plus the extra lap per race.

Gemma says, “The first round of Europeans went well in Belgium and it was an amazing experience to ride for team GB, I felt good on the bike and gave it my all up against some fast riders (one was ex x3 Women’s World Champion). The day was long and tiring. It was also very hot as I’m not used to riding in that heat so after each race I was soaking myself to keep cool for the next one. I had some great battles with my fellow team GB riders and am now looking forward to the next round in France next weekend. “.

We’re super excited and very proud to share this experience.
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