Should Craft Brewers Be Making Beers For Social Clubs Too…?

We are really pleased to have been working with Nick from Hop Forward again recently, so have sponsored a few episodes as support to podcast stream.   This is one of those episodes, so give it a listen while you work or are pottering about.


This week on the Hop Forward Podcast, we’re joined once again by author Pete Brown to discuss his latest book, Clubland: How The Working Men’s Club Shaped Britain. We explore some of the questions surrounding classism, the preconceptions many people have about social clubs and working men’s clubs, as well as exploring whether craft brewers should be creating offerings that cater to social clubs and their patrons.

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Charles Faram & Co
Charles Faram have been hop factors and merchants since 1865 and hop growers for even longer than that.  

While importing a vast catalogue of international hops, they have also developed their own varieties through their Hop Development Program set up to create wildly different aromas and flavours whilst also working closely with growers to produce varieties with good yields and disease resistance.

Every year a new class of plants are set off on their journey, involving disease assessments, aroma assessments, plot and brewing trials, to get from 10,000 individual variety seedlings to one super successful variety for commercial release.  The Faram’s Family range brings to you Archer®, Emperor™, Godiva™, Harlequin®, Jester®, Most™ (pronounced Moss-t – it’s Czech for bridge), Mystic™, Olicana®, and Opus™.

They stock nitrogen flushed leaf hops, Type 90 pellets and T45 pellets; and – to ensure their hops remain in optimum condition – they have state of the art cold stores at their sites in Worcestershire in the UK and Yakima in the USA, with their Yakima site being a staging point for quality checks and the safe journey of US hops to the UK

Charles Faram are fully committed to providing quality hops to customers at home and around the globe through their Well-hopped quality program.

Did you know that they also supply yeast, malt, fruit purees and other brewing products?  Get one delivery and one invoice.  The full range and product specifications can be found on their website

If you would like more information or expert advice on the different uses, applications and recipes, one of their Technical Advisors will be really happy to help.