Charles Faram Hop Development Programme Crop Update – Jimmy Barrett

Charles Faram Hop Development Programme -
Crop Update May 2022


CF247 (already a firm favourite with those who have brewed with it) is growing nicely.
It is not a particularly tall hop and will have just reached the top wire by Midsummers Day, this time next month.
This hop brings delicious red berry and tropical fruit flavours and aromas. It is a sister of our variety Harlequin®.
We will be harvesting these in the third week of September.


CF227 is looking a little shy currently, but still has plenty of time to catch up.
We have grown this variety for a number of years.
It brings tropical fruit & orange blossom which is backed up with some spice and medium intensity.
It is an interesting hop because it could be grown on both tall trellis’ and on the hedgerow systems.
It shows great natural resistance to disease.
We expect to be harvesting CF227 in late September.


CF260 is growing very strongly.
This variety has been selected because it has an extraordinarily high resin content.
It has a complex character of tropical fruit, floral and spice.
We have also bred from this plant so that there will be future generations.
We will expect to be harvesting CF260 just before mid September.