Five minutes with Faram – Sarah & Matt, Hop Growers at Hawkins Farming

What’s your favourite hop?
Early Choice Golding and Oliciana® Faram Breeding variety. The smell is amazing.
What’s your favourite beer? 
Wye Valley Bitter

Favourite Food & Beer pairing?

Hereford Steak and chips with a Wye Valley bitter or two.

Favourite beer destination?

A nice pub.

Favourite pub in the UK?
The Oak Inn at Staplow
What’s the one item on the hop farm you couldn’t live without?

Our fleet of MF 135 Hop picking tractors. They start first time every hop picking morning.

Favourite music to play during a hop picking day?

Silence is the best sound after a day of hop picking!

If you weren’t in the hop growing industry, what would you be doing?
Buy a race horse and go racing.
Who is your biggest inspiration?
Old George Hopkins. He’s 90 years old and still comes hop picking. He has a wealth of knowledge on growing and harvesting hops and always gives us useful advice.
What are your hobbies outside of hop growing?
Riding around the farm, walking, Hereford Cattle
What’s next for hop growing?
Producing Harlequin® and other Faram breeding varieties. We love hop picking, innovation and technology within hops.