DECADE Brew News…. UK ingredients

DECADE Brew News…. UK ingredients

Taken from: Panther Brewery blog

As mentioned in Danny’s previous blog we are pleased to announce that we are brewing our Decade Amber Ale, celebrating ten years of Panther brewing. When we launched it in March it got a little bit lost with certain worldwide events, and so we thought we would brew our tenth anniversary beer again, but this time with a little twist!

We decided to brew the ale with just UK ingredients this time.  It is still brewed to 4.2% using malted Norfolk barley (from our friends at Crisp Maltings and the barley grown at Salle Farms Co) and has a rich amber colour.  Why all UK ingredients?  Well at this present time, it seems sensible for all of us to become more conscious of the environmental impact our actions contribute and buying hops now from around the world seems difficult to justify.

I guess you may ask why in the past we sourced our hops not just from the UK?  Unfortunately, UK hops did not give the flavours we have become to expect and enjoy for Pale / Amber ales that we purchase today.  I know our customers will be surprised that most bestselling beers from macro to microbreweries use non-UK hops.

However, our friends at Charles Faram have come to the UK farmers rescue and in 2007 started a hop breeding programme to ultimately match or provide a twist using the UK “Terroir” factor, the more vibrant flavours that come from “New” hops farmed throughout the world.