New craft beer aims to make Brit hops top of the pops again

The growing thirst for craft beer has made British hops fall out of fashion because modern brewers use imported New World varieties that offer a fruitier flavour.  

But now a Derbyshire craft beer brewer, a Worcestershire hop grower, and Tesco, want to reverse the decline by re-popularising British hops through a series of beer launches.  

The first in the series, Brithop, made by Buxton Brewery, launches exclusively at Tesco this week and on the label, the beer is described as “an all British-grown IPA, showcasing some of the most exciting and aromatic new hops to be developed by British hop growers”. 

The shift towards fruitier tasting New World hops from America, Australia and New Zealand began around 20 years ago with the birth of the craft beer movement and brewers who wanted their beers to taste boldly different. 

Rather than copy traditional British beer styles such as best bitters and milds, they created new beers based on popular types from all over the world.  

These include West Coast and New England IPAs which have taken over from the traditional British beers because of their new vibrant, fruity, flavours appealing to a younger audience.