Tears of hoppy joy as Faram’s wins Best Supplier Associate again.

Charles Faram has been awarded with Best Supplier Associate in the SIBA Business Awards 2022. The team were blown away when they found out that 31 UK brewers had taken the time to write nomination applications.   

“Every time BeerX comes around we hope we will get a nomination and that our customers will vote for us. As a supplier it is the only competition we get entered in so to hear that we have been put through to the final is a wonderful feeling; to then be sat in the crowd and hear that we have won is just incredible! We put a lot of effort into looking after our customers and pride ourselves on being a friendly, caring team so to hear that brewers have written in and voted based on the efforts we have made during the year just fills me and the team with pride. A massive thank-you to the team for all their hard work and our customers for voting for us. It really is a special feeling. ”, said Paul Corbett, Charles Faram Managing Director.

Charles Faram were out in force at BeerX and excitedly awaited the announcements providing a wall of bright pink t-shirts in the audience at the ceremony in Liverpool on 16th March.

“It was a fabulous feeling getting back to BeerX to see everyone again.  Then to win this award and see how many nominations there were was just incredible.  We’re all so proud, more motivated than ever and even more in-love with our customers.” Charlie Gorham – Charles Faram PR & Marketing Manager.

The 2022 win was the third in a row for Charles Faram.  They also won the first ever SIBA Business Award for Best Supplier Associate in 2011.

The nominations

Great product, customer service and technical support. The new hops such as olicana, jester and harlequin are fantastic, we look forward to brewing with them all

Charles Faram deserve to win as they have supported us since the launch and their customer service is amazing.

They gave two of the three hops we needed for our charity brew of Brave Noise free of charge which meant that we were able to give more money to support the wellness officer initiative that supports safety at craft beer festivals and events. Massive thank you.

The most consistent supplier every year. Providing great products, a large variety and incredible customer service. Year after year.

I believe Charles faram give great customer service as nothing ever is too much trouble, our visit to the hop walk 2021 was a fantastic day and evening. I would definitely promote Charles Faram to other up and coming breweries as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience within their market sector.

We have been dealing with Farams for twenty years and have always had superb service from their dedicated and knowledgeable staff, from technical advice about hops and hop products in the brewing process to the intricacies of the brewing process itself their knowledge is second to none. There may be some new kid on the block but Farams are our go to supplier for hops.

They have been excellent in supplying us throughout the pandemic. We appreciate them extending our credit when others withdrew credit due to the risk presented by the pandemic. Staff have also been very helpful with our brewing team in exploring the wide range of hops and the characteristics that they provide.

Consistent quality of product and service. Their behaviour and attitude during Covid was exemplary. They do no rest on their laurels like some of the other long-standing suppliers. They are always at hand to give advice on new beers. The wide range of other brewing essentials is often very helpful.

Charles Faram have shown consistent commitment to craft beer and supporting small brewers over many years.  Especially welcome their support and approach to working with brewers over the pandemic, not just imposing contract terms which put them head and shoulders above other hop suppliers for instance.  The excellent knowledgeable team they have is a major asset to all British Small Independent Brewers.

Excellent overall customer service that has continued to excel for many years. What set them apart over the last 12 months is there support following on from the coivd pandemic. Many suppliers enforced contracts forcing breweries to pay out large sums during one of the most challenging periods for the industry. Faram have been incredibly flexible supporting their customers and going above and beyond what was expected.

Very helpful during the pandemic, and doing a fabulous job bridging the needs of brewers and growers alike.  Very commendable efforts all round – always prepared to look for long-term and sustainable solutions for those breweries with forward contracts and whose production was severely restricted through no fault of their own.  Great people to do business with!

We have had solid service though out the pandemic and found them to be really supportive and responsive to our needs. Beth is a great rep and always friendly to deal with and their products are always of a good quality. The deliveries are prompt and back office very helpful

Friendly sales and support staff, great service and very  knowledgeable and experienced technically. Charles Faram have been doing fantastic work with their breeding program which is has produced some exciting new varieties such as Jester and Harlequin which are providing a more sustainable source of hops for punchy tropical, citrus, fruity beer styles.

We have been working with Charles Faram for many years now.  The team are always welcoming, friendly and helpful.   They always provide great communication and have been fully understanding of the challenges facing breweries these last few years and have worked with us to manage our hops and contracts. They provide a great service and are a pleasure to work with.

Their continued support of brewers in their recovery from the pandemic. Despite hop contracts being in place, they’ve operated a flexible approach wherever possible and supported brewers to work through remaining hop quantities – not an approach followed by all hop merchants! Paul Corbett, Will Rogers and Beth Eaton genuinely put the customer first in all that they do. If quality of supply, service and consistency doesn’t deserve to win, I don’t know what does!

Option of next-day delivery, wide range of knowledgeable & helpful staff. An excellent one-stop shop. Finance department have been lenient in the past to allow us to receive the ingredients to brew whilst waiting for large payments to come in so we can settle our account. Wouldn’t go elsewhere unless desperate.

As a hop merchant Charles Faram are a critical supplier to the brewing industry. Hop cultivation is subject to challenging social and environmental pressures, ever more so with effects of climate change and new trading rules under Brexit.

They are proactively supporting their customers and have an eye on the future.

They have an active UK hop breeding programme including selection for disease resistance and varieties suitable for organic and low input cultivation.

The annual hop walk and training days are valuable experience for brewers and those in the industry to connect with the agricultural element of the industry – often overlooked.

very good service /  happy to help you when you need them ,
i use them all the time for my hops and yeast
and any other products we buy ,
all deliveries are always on time,
i would recommend them to anyone who need hops and any other products

Charles Faram have been in brewing for many years. They continue to supply brewers with enthusiasm and passion. A fantastic team of customer focussed staff, many are qualified brewers who can offer an exceptional level of advice, quality and service for brewers of all sizes. Amazing hops at a great price.

Our Hops supplier, always good to talk too and lovely people to deal with.
The hops are delivered swiftly and to the brewery door.
Beth and Charlie are always good to talk too, the social media accounts help us follow the hop process and sales offers plus merchandise available for the staff here to wear

They provide excellent customer service and are always friendly and professional.  They have helped us out with urgent deliveries at short notice on many occasions!  They stock a great selection of products and always deliver when they say they will making brew planning much easier.  Pricing is generally very competitive too.

Charles Faram without question deserve to win Supplier Associate of the year 2022. They are consistently top with their quality control, their customer service and care, and work tirelessly to ensure our needs are met. The hop walk was a great event, and we look forward to many more years working with them

Our rep, Beth, is fantastic. She is always at hand for advice and support. The sales team at the end of the phone are friendly and our orders are always processed quickly and efficiently. Top Notch Customer Service. Also our brewery would not function without our complimentary Charles Faram’s clock.

Charles Faram deserves to win because we have been working with them for years via various different roles at other breweries before starting Moonwake. They have a good supply of hops that they provide. They also have a nice, quick delivery time which can be essential. They are personable with friendly and helpful staff.

I do appreciate how the company operates, from the orders I place I always get updated via emails, also they are very helpful in making you understand the different variety of hops and harvest times too, they have a good sales and telesales team and feel very lucky to be working with a very passionate group of people in the industry.

They should win on their boxes alone! You can use them for just about anything and everything!  In all seriousness though, their hop breeding programme is producing some innovative varieties of British hops.  As well as knowledge and excellent service, Charles Faram are the company that really does keep on giving!

We’ve always found the staff friendly and good guys to deal with. The products they offer are fantastic, probably our go to company for everything we need and if they don’t have it they help and advise us where to source from. I would recommend them to others, and we always read their mails as they are full of useful I do

They have supported us year in and year out and have always worked tirelessly to bail us out when needed and to put me straight when I am confused.
They make the running of our brewery simpler by their support, despite what we throw at them.

In short, they put up with us!

Consistent quality of product and customer service levels backed up by people who you can talk to and understand our issues in the UK brewing sector. They have been doing it now for a number of years and they would be worthy recipients of this award. Never let us down yet!

Incredible service, knowledge and passion. Delivered by people who have the same values as we do and will always go above and beyond to help. Our best connection to the farmers who grow our ingredients.
Never let us down in over 30 years.
The only name on the team sheet when buying hops

Charles Faram deserve to win because they deliver consistent excellent in both the products they sell and the customer service they provide. Add on to this their drive and commitment to providing a strong future for British hops, something that helps support a rich heritage in both growing and brewing they are truly in a class of their own.

During the prolonged period(s) of lockdown in 2021, the team at Charles Faram (although heavily impacted by Covid-19 themselves) were incredibly helpful to, and understanding with us and other breweries in trying to navigate our business through uncharted times. All while maintaining their friendly customer service, depth of knowledge and after sales support.