Robbie and the Godiva® Lager

10th December 2018

This is the latest development brew.  A lager single-hopped with Godiva®.

I’ve been itching to brew this beer since smelling the hops green earlier this year.

With top notes of gooseberry, white grape & tangerine, this should be a deliciously fruity, crisp & moreish beer.

Team feedback

  • Lemony lager. Very nice
  • Stone fruit and citrus aroma working really nicely in the lager style.  Very drinkable and would be perfect on a summer afternoon in a beer garden
  • Pleasant, easy drinking.  Light, hoppy, very slight bitter end
  • Refreshing take on lager. Light, delicate and very drinkable
  • Compliments the syle and offers a nice alternative to classic lager recipes/character
  • Delicious, crisp, dry gooseberry and melon notes
  • Good juicy fruit aroma. Nice dry finish and very drinkable