Hop Storage

How to Store

General storage of the product should be cold at 0 -5⁰ (32 -41⁰F).

Storage stability will vary from variety to variety, so exposure to oxygen, heat and light should be avoided to preserve the quality of the product.

Once the foil packaging has been opened the product should be used within a few days to avoid any possible deterioration of bitter acids and essential oils.

Any remaining product wrapped tightly in the original packaging, and if stored at 0 -5⁰ should be usable for up to 2 months depending on the variety and exposure to air.

Any remaining product wrapped tightly in the original packaging, and stored in a freezer should be usable for in excess of 2 months depending on variety and exposure to the air.

Ultimately, if you keep the hops as cold as you can and keep as much air from getting in as you can, you’re giving them the best chance of lasting as long as possible.

Best Before

Hops are best used within 5 years of harvest. The product will remain stable in sealed packaging under the specified conditions.

Our Packaging

Type 90 Pellets and Freshpak leaf hops are packed in laminated foils with multiple protective layers.

An aluminium layer acts as a barrier against diffusion of oxygen, further protective layers are incorporated to resist the ingress of moisture and light.

The foil material is of a food grade standard and meets all industry packaging regulations.

The packages are sealed once the oxygen has been displaced with an inert gas.