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Brewery Resource Roadshow

A stand-alone showcase of products and suppliers in our offering.  The day consists of seminars, trade stands, an AromaFest® and a pub tour the evening before. The BRR is an initiative involving 8 hosts for a free day packed full of innovation, learning and great networking.

Wednesday 15th May 2024 in association with New Zealand Hops


14th May  
18:00Pub Tour 
15th May  
10:00Registration opensRegistration opens
10:15Introduction to the dayIntroduction to the day
10:25Weyermann®Recipe Development: A Malty Makeover – Recipe development with a focus on using speciality malts to differentiate your beer from the rest.
10:55TNSBrewing Sustainably: The Transformative Power of Advanced Hop Extracts
11:45RankinRenova – Closed Loop Cask Closure Supply
12:15CrispMaking Malt and Creating Lasting Partnerships
12:45Lunch and networking 
13:30Murphy & SonWhat The Flocc?! – How Nutrition Affects Fermentation And Flocculation
14:00FermentisWhat’s New For Your Brew?
14:50Brewer panel/Guest speakerNew Zealand Hops With Panelists From NZ Hops And Charles Faram
15:30AromaFest®Explore New Trial Hop Varieties, Exchange Insights, And Shape The Trajectory Of Future Hops